North Carolina Tax ID Application

North Carolina Taxpayer Identification Number

In North Carolina, you will need a tax identification number if you;


1. File tax returns for alcohol or tobacco

2. File a tax return for employment

3. Have a business is a trust or non-profit organization

4. Have a business that is either a partnership or corporation


To be prepared to file for a tax identification number you will need the following information;  

1. The correct legal name of the business

2. The name of the person who is the responsible person

3. The taxpayer identification of the responsible person

4. The address of the business

5. The business will also need an up to date email address and phone number


Be sure to contact the bureau to make sure that this is all that you need.

You will want to be sure that you answer all questions on the application correctly so that your application will not be delayed.

There are third party websites that offer to complete your registration but it comes with a fee. As a business owner, you should be aware that these companies are usually inaccurate and should not be used. North Carolina does not charge a fee for obtaining a taxpayer identification number.

You can contact the North Carolina Department of Revenue to find out exactly what information is needed or you can visit their webpage. Be sure to research thoroughly exactly what it is you need. By doing this research ahead of time you are sure to have exactly what you need and obtaining the identification number will go smoothly.

Should you decided to use a third party vendor be sure to check the Better Business Bureau to research the vendor that are thinking about using.

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