North Carolina Tax ID Application


About North Carolina Tax ID Application

Do you know when you are required by the State of North Carolina to apply for an EIN (a tax ID number)? It can be confusing to know which scenarios need one. The following outline is a brief summary to clarify a few issues about how and why to apply. 

What category of a legal structure, do you fall into?

You might think a tax ID is only for large corporations, but this is not correct and a common misconception for many people. Become familiar with when to apply for a tax ID number in North Carolina.

Simply select your status from the following choices:

1. Sole Proprietor, Individual or Partnership

2. Estate or Trust

3. Corporation, Personal Service or S-Corporation

4. Church or Non-Profit Organization

Surprising Benefits of an EIN
Okay. We all know, when we hear the word tax, it means we must pay the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) a portion of our earnings. But did you know that having an EIN is an extremely beneficial security measure, too? When you receive your tax ID number before applying for a business license, opening a business account with a bank or filling out other legal forms, you can use this ID in place of your own personal name.

• Avoid identity theft

How to fill out the application
Basically, there are only a few pieces of information that you will need to supply on your form. The correct spelling of your full legal name, along with the person in charge (known as, the responsible party), don’t use a P.O. Box (only physical addresses accepted, but you can have future documents and correspondence to another address), a contact telephone number and email addresses.

• Applying over the internet, online is fast and easy

Do not procrastinate; complete your north carolina tax id application, today. Simply follow the links and fill out the short, necessary information. You will be set in a few short minutes and can use your new ID for a variety of reasons. It is better to take of this now, rather than get a notice questioning the reasons why an EIN has not been completed.